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Is the Linkbuildin the secret SEO tool?


We are on 2017 and the link building still very important for SEO, we have to be clear on the different link building strategies, is not the same if you are doing link building for a tourist business than link building for betting websites. I have to say that 4 years ago link building was the best “weapon” to climb in the first rankings but now links are not the king, Google has...

Don’t get complicated moving your site to “Mobile First” update


If you are in the SEO world or so, you probably heard about “Google Mobile First” its an update that will consider the mobile version of your site as a ranking factor. By many years Google has been using the desktop agent as a ranking factor and now its gonna change, the mobile version will be the first signal to ranking a website. If you have an “M-DOT” Site move it to...

7 basic but IMPORTANT SEO tips before to launch your site


After many meetings with developers around the 80% asked me about an SEO Check List for developers, where they can validate what is the most important aspects (from SEO side) in the website architecture. It’s interesting because most of the people think that developers know SEO and for that reason assume that a Developer is going to add all the requirements to have a solid website for SEO...

Welcome to my first post after 2 years


Hi! My name is Ruben Madrigal but most of the people know me as Russell so you can decide how to call me hehe. After 2 years I decided to focus my SEO knowledge on blogging. I really love the way that you can make a business grow up through the online marketing. By 2 years I have been working on sports business and I have to say that its amazing market with huge numbers moving around (Traffic...

My new articles