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How to Setup Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics

Today video is about, How to Setup Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics. As you may know, GTM (Google Tag Manager) is a great tool for metrics.

Google Tag Manager allows you track everything on your website, you just have to submit the website URL and paste the JS code and that’s all you need to start using Tag Manager.

how to Setup Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics

Step 1: Create a Tag Manager account & submit your website

1.1- Sign in on Google Tag Manager account is free, please use the following link (click here) to open your account, you will need a Gmail account (create a Gmail account)
1.2- Create a property account, click on “Create account” and use a name for your GTM.
1.3 Now is time to Setup Container, please provide the URL in the following format, of course, you will have to change the “” and use your website URL.

Step 2: Create a Google Analytics account

2.1- Go to and sign in.
2.2- Select a name for your account
2.3- Select a name for your website
2.4 Submit your Website URL
2.5 Click on “Get tracking ID”

Step 3: Create a variable for Google Analytics on Tag Manager

3.1- Go to Tag Manager and select variable on the sidebar
3.2- On User-Defined Variables click on “NEW”
3.3- Give a name to the variable
3.4- Click on the variable configuration and select “constant”
3.5 Pate your GA ID (Click here)

Step 4: Create a TAG for Google Analitycs

4.1- On GTM click on “TAGS” on the left sidebar
4.2- Click on “NEW”
4.3- Provide a name
4.4- On Tag Configuration select “Universal Analytics”
4.5- Click on “Enable overriding settings in this tag”
4.6- Click on the (+) symbol and select the variable created in step 3.
4.7 Click on “Triggering” and select “All Pages”

Step 5: Use the GTM Testing tool to validate the events

5.1- Click on “Preview” located on the top right side
5.2 In another tab oper the home of your website
5.3 On the bottom you will see GTM debugger page, confirm that GA Tag has been fired.

Step 6: Leave the testing area on GTM

6.1- Once that you confirmed that GA is working fine, please leave the “Preview” from your GTA dashboard.

Step 7: Deploy your tag on the production website

7.1- Now is time to “Submit” it will deploy your TAG and will start to work correctly for all users.

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