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Google News could be a great tool for your business


Google News is one of the best “marketing” tools because you can reach many readers, it’s possible because Google gives priority to the news articles and the click-through rate (CTR) is much higher and all this give more authority to your site. Now… if you would like to submit your site to Google News, your site will need to have some technical factors such as a dedicated sitemap for news...

Welcome to my first post after 2 years


Hi! My name is Ruben Madrigal but most of the people know me as Russell so you can decide how to call me hehe. After 2 years I decided to focus my SEO knowledge on blogging. I really love the way that you can make a business grow up through the online marketing. By 2 years I have been working on sports business and I have to say that its amazing market with huge numbers moving around (Traffic...