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Welcome to my first post after 2 years

Hi! My name is Ruben Madrigal but most of the people know me as Russell so you can decide how to call me hehe. After 2 years I decided to focus my SEO knowledge on blogging. I really love the way that you can make a business grow up through the online marketing.

By 2 years I have been working on sports business and I have to say that its amazing market with huge numbers moving around (Traffic & Money) but the most interesting part besides the money is the importance of the online marketing for that business. The SEO, Analytics, Link Building, Social Media and others are a real “engines” that makes that business still alive and keep growing.

Could blogging lovers get a good job?

Yes definitely. Every day more companies are getting focused on smart people with a nice blog or YouTube channel, these companies aren’t looking for a “guru” prefer to search for new talents, people who really love what they do. I love the online marketing in my case SEO is my specialty, however, I’m always learning about something new for example, now I am learning Google Data Studio.

There are a lot of opportunities if you like to discover the online marketing, this post has been made to let new readers or simply any person who read this article understand that everybody can be a good online marketer if you focuse on this.

Whats the regular salary?

Well… it depends on the country, for example, if you would like to focus on SEO once that you get a Junior level you could charge a least $25 per hour. As you may know, I am from Costa Rica (That’s why my English grammar is not the best) here you can get paid around $20 dollars for SEO Junior and $40 for SEO Senior.

Others countries like the USA the cost per hour is much higher, it could be $150 per hour if you are an SEO Senior. I have friends from the USA living in Costa Rica, they work remotely making a salary of $3000 per month… that’s a lot of money in Costa Rica, you can live very comfortable with that amount.

That’s one of the main reasons why I love online marketing, you could be working from any part pf the world, you don’t have to deal with traffic (depends on your company) and every year you get more experience, giving more value to your work

If its very good is not good!

That’s what some people think about the SEO & ONline Marketing Profile. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who affirm to be “Marketing experts” selling services that they don’t know how to provide and creates an untrust in the community.

Makes the difference and you will get good deals, I always say that real professional will never have job problems because they really offer a valued service for clients, you can see easily the difference between a real online marketer and a Smoke seller

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Rusbell Madrigal
Rusbell Madrigal

Hello! I am a 28-year-old guy passionate about SEO. For 8 years I have been working on different projects and markets. I have knowledge on Technician SEO, Link Building GA, GTM, Data Studio & SEO Tools.

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